XiO Lift Station Monitoring System - DESCRIPTION

XiO Lift Station Monitoring System - DESCRIPTION
by XiO Monitoring and Control

The LS100 (Monitoring only) and LS105 (Monitoring plus advanced analytics) are designed to work with EXISTING floats, pressure switches, and PLCs. The system monitors pump current and wet well levels and sends data to the cloud software via cellular modem. This system includes Verizon cellular service. Confirm Verizon cellular coverage for your location before making a purchase

The system may be operated as a single site, or multiple locations may be grouped into one system for greater visibility and insight. XiO’s robust Cloud Data Platform can integrate multiple data sources (such as sewer levels) through custom application programming interfaces (APIs) and is capable of advanced analytics to identify problems (pump performance) before they occur. XiO’s cloud software is easily scalable and well-suited for distributed sites. 

XiO’s robust system is also capable of redundant pump control, which is available through an additional upgrade.