XiO Lift Station Monitoring System - OVERVIEW

XiO Lift Station Monitoring System - OVERVIEW
by XiO Monitoring and Control

Turnkey Solutions for Managing Lift Stations:

XiO’s Lift Station Monitoring System offers remote monitoring and visibility of lift stations. Each system includes field hardware and powerful cloud software through a private web-based user interface.

Features and Benefits:

  • Real-time visibility into wet well levels helps operators avoid overflows and costly downtime
  • Private web-based user portal makes it easy to access data from any web-enabled device (mobile, tablet, PC)
  • Reliable 24/7/365 monitoring and sophisticated alarms enable operators to be proactive when conditions change
  • Operates in tandem with existing floats, pressure switches, or PLCs
  • Capable of remote pump control for full system redundancy (upgrade)
  • Cloud architecture provides security from cyber threats as well as resilience in case of natural disasters
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) model provides lower lifetime capital and operating expenditures compared to traditional SCADA

Field Equipment Hardware:

  • XiO’s FIU Controller with Soft I/O® Module and NEMA 4x enclosure (or panel mount)
  • Cellular modem and NEMA 4x enclosure (Verizon cellular coverage required)
  • Submersible liquid level sensor
  • Two electrical current transducers to monitor pump current draw