PACE1000 Precision Pressure Indicator - ACCESSORIES

PACE1000 Precision Pressure Indicator - ACCESSORIES 
by Druck


Druck - 4Sight2 Calibration Management Software

Druck - 4Sight2 Calibration & Asset  Management Software

Use Google Chrome web browser on any PC or tablet; provides full visibility of all available assets, instruments, and resources that affect your site.

Starting at: $3,844.00

Mounting Bracket Kits:

PACE1000 Rack Mount Kit  (P/N:  IO-RMK-P1000)

Druck - 19" Panel Mount Kit  (P/N:  IO-RMK-P1000)

19" rackmount kit for GE Druck PACE1000 and PACE1001 Pressure Indicators


ACE1000 Panel Mount Kit  (P/N:  IO-PAN-P1000)

Druck - 19" Panel Mount Kit  (P/N:  IO-PAN-P1000)

19" panel mount kit for GE Druck PACE1000 and PACE1001 Pressure Indicators.



Please consider these optional Accessories:

Druck - PACE Adaptors  (P/N:  IO-ADAPT-1/4NPT and etc)

Druck - PACE Adaptors  (P/N:  IO-ADAPT-X)
Adapters for GE Druck PACE Series Modular Pressure Controllers/Indicators

Starting at:  $39.50

Druck - Pressure Adaptor Kit  (P/N:  IO-ADAPTOR-KIT)

Druck - Pressure Adaptor Kit  (P/N:  IO-ADAPTOR-KIT)
Set of 7 adapters for GE Druck PACE Series Indicators


Druck - Differential Connection Kit Low Pressure  (P/N:  IO-DIFF-KIT-LP)

Druck - Differential Connection Kit Low Pressure  (P/N:  IO-DIFF-KIT-LP)
Helps reduce the impact of thermal and/or pressure changes in ambient conditions occurring during the measurement cycle. 

Druck - PACE Adaptor  (P/N:  IO-NEG-G-GEN-1)


Druck - PACE Adaptor  (P/N:  IO-NEG-G-GEN-1)

Adapter 9/16 18 UNF autoclave female to 1/8 NPT female for the PACE1000


Druck - Snubber Reference Port  (P/N:  IO-SNUBBER-1)

Druck - Snubber Reference Port  (P/N:  IO-SNUBBER-1)
Provides a pneumatic time constant to the sensor -ve port, thus attenuating the effect of ambient drafts.