PACE Pressure Controllers - ACCESSORIES

PACE Pressure Controllers - ACCESSORIES
by Druck

Please consider these optional accessories:

Druck - PACE Adaptors  (P/N:  IO-ADAPT-1/4NPT and etc)

Druck - PACE Adaptors  (P/N:  IO-ADAPT-X)
Adapters for Druck PACE series Modular Pressure Controllers/Indicators.

Starting at:  $39.50

Druck - Pressure Adaptor Kit  (P/N:  IO-ADAPTOR-KIT)

Druck - Pressure Adaptor Kit  (P/N:  IO-ADAPTOR-KIT)
Set of 7 adapters for Druck PACE series indicators


Sorry, no image available for P/N:  IO-DIFF-KIT-LP

Druck - Differential Connection Kit Low Pressure  (P/N:  IO-DIFF-KIT-LP)
Helps reduce the impact of thermal and/or pressure changes in ambient conditions occurring during the measurement cycle. 

Sorry, no image available for P/N:  IO-NEG-G-GEN-1

Druck - Negative Gauge Pressure Generator  (P/N:  IO-NEG-G-GEN-1)
Used to generate small -ve gauge pressure (Venturi effect) to enable control at zero gauge without the need for a vacuum pump. 

Sorry, no image available for P/N:  IO-VAC-SYS

Druck - Vacuum System Check Valve Kit  (P/N:  IO-VAC-SYS)
Allows exhaust pressure to bypass vacuum pump to atmosphere, which improves control performance from any positive pressure downwards. 

Sorry, no image available for P/N:  IO-SNUBBER-1

Druck - Snubber Reference Port  (P/N:  IO-SNUBBER-1)
Provides a pneumatic time constant to the sensor -ve port, thus attenuating the effect of ambient drafts. 

Sorry, no image available for P/N:  IO-DIFFUSER-1)


Druck - Diffuser Gas Exhaust  (P/N:  IO-DIFFUSER-1)
Screws into vent or -ve supply port to diffuse exhaust gas. 

Sorry, no image available for P/N: IO-FILTER-KIT

Druck - Filter Kit Control Manifold  (P/N:  IO-FILTER-KIT)
Contains 5 filters for control module pressure ports.